Gary E.

As a life long Montana hunter my interest in long range shooting was grounded in a desire to find a rifle system that would enable me to extend my range for elk, deer and antelope and still make clean ethical kills. I sought Chris's advice early and he guided me completely through the process. He worked with my budget, my goals, and my personal tastes in regards to what looked good. He recommended the proper components and explained why each step of the process was important. From there he took over assembly and customization of the rifle and even zeroed the scope and broke the barrel in for me. On my first day at the range with Chris firing my new rifle I was able to hit long range targets out to 1100 yards with relative ease. Wow it was truly remarkable! On top of that the rifle is very attractive to look at but it is also designed to go to the field and hold up to whatever conditions I can throw at it. One added attraction for me was that Chris also provided a load recommendation for my rifle that shoots fantastic. This allowed me to hunt with the rifle right away and shoot with confidence. To say I am pleased is an understatement. I would recommend Chris to anyone seeking assistance with development of a highly accurate long range rifle system. You will have the opportunity to work with Chris directly to design the rifle of your dreams!

Jeremy D.

I had Chris at DTC build me a 7mm over a year ago now. This was my first long range gun and it is absolutely amazing. I have hits on milk jugs out to 1360 yards!!! I am so impressed with the work and craftsmanship from DTC, he is building me a 22-250 for my dad's retirement and a 300 win mag carbon fiber edition next.

Andy M.,

Had my 1911 cerakoted by Mr. Davis at Drop Tine Customs! He did an outstanding job! Very fast turnaround and friendly customer service!!

Mike L.

Absolutely the finest rifle I've ever had the pleasure of using. Chris is a ballistics genius and his level of craftsmanship is apparent on every aspect of this rifle. Drop Tine Customs' guns look amazing, they look professional and they turn heads when I show up to the shooting range. My friends are jealous and I'm 1000% more confident in my ability to make a critical shot. When that monster bull elk is in my sights at 800 yards, you'd better believe the only rifle I want taking that shot is a Drop Tine Custom rifle.

Dalton T

Chris Davis with DTC built me a Custom 300 Win Mag. When I received the gun through the mail it was dead on! Chris took the time to build the gun the right way. The precision work that went into my rifle is very detailed and accurate. I would recommend DTC to anyone.


Super Solid platform for a long range shooter. Unbelievably accurate for a shooter who's not known for his accuracy -me-. Love this rifle. Thanks Droptine Customs. - Roger S. - North Dakota.

Ben L.

The rifle i got from Chris and Droptine customs is uh-mazing. Shot dead on out of the box. Can't wait to go hunting for elk with this beast. Thanks Droptine. Thanks Chris. ~ Ben L. - Montana


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