We are DropTine Customs. We make
precision shooting systems.

Here at Drop Tine Customs, building long range rifles is not a job, it’s a passion and an obsession.

We use the most current Long Range Shooting Technology available, keeping our customers at the forefront of the industry. We are always on the hunt for the newest, latest, and greatest advancements in the shooting world so we can pass them on to you.


Long Range Precision & Technology


We use hand lapped, precision cut American products; the finest barrels money can buy. Whether you are after a lighter contoured barrel to save weight or a heavier barrel, we guarantee you it will be the best of the best. Also consider our Proof Research carbon fiber barrel, half the weight of a regular Sendero barrel with the same sub ½” at 100 yards accuracy guarantee!


We use the best two trigger manufacturers on the market today Timney - Calvin Elite Series and Jewell. Both are set to a crisp 2.0 lbs. or customer specified weight pull.


The most accurate rifle in the world is nothing without the finest optics because you can’t hit what you can’t see. Whether you are wanting a 1,500 yard gun or a 700 yard lightweight gun, we will match you up with the proper high quality scope. If you are after a yardage turret or a minute of angle turret, we will help you through every step of the way.

Rifle Stocks

We use many different long range rifle stocks. All start with a solid bedding block platform, drop hand grip for the most ergonomically friendly stock you can buy. All stocks are offered in various colors and camo patterns.


On all custom guns we develop load data specific to your gun with common reloading supplies that can be found at most sporting goods stores. When you receive your Drop Tine Customs rifle in the mail it will have two dummy rounds in the case (bullet seated into brass, no powder or primer) for measuring purposes. We will walk you through every step to ensure the same accuracy as verified by us. If you are not a hand loader, no problem. We can match up a high ballistic coefficient bullet with a factory produced ammo that you can buy anywhere, and still guarantee a lights out rifle!


We use CERAKOTE™ CERAMIC COATINGS. Cerakote High Temperature ceramic coatings is the industry leader in high temperature exhaust coatings.

How the rifles are crafted

After the customer has selected all the options he/she wants on their custom rifle from action to stock, fluting on bolt, barrel, scope and color options, the machining process takes place. First, we start by blue printing the action to ensure a solid starting point. Then the barrel is chambered with a match grade reamer to the caliber requested. The muzzle is then crowned and muzzle brake installed with a seamless look. Barrel fluting takes place at this point if requested. Then the barrel and action are glass bedded into stock to ensure zero movement and match trigger installed. The scope of choice and rings are then installed and leveled to action. The rings are hand lapped to ensure zero scope bind. At this point, gun is 90% done and ready for load data and barrel break-in. Your rifle will be zeroed at 200 yards and drop data will be documented to 1400 yards and given to the customer.


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