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How long should i expect to wait for a response from DropTine
Customer service is a priority for Drop Tine Customs, your questions will be answered promptly by the owner.
How much does a typical rifle weigh?
Typical weight of a rifle depends on which style barrel the customer chooses. • Carbon barrel with carbon stock typically 8.5 lbs. or less depending on optics weight. • Steel barrel, sporter or sendero contour 9 lbs. plus depending on optics weight.
How accurate can I expect a DropTine rifle to be.
All rifles will shoot sub ½ inch groups with hand loads or will not leave our shop, most shoot ¼”, depending on the platform.
Can I ship you my rifle for you to customize? If so, how?
Yes, contact us about what you would like done. You can ship a gun directly to DTC via UPS, Fed Ex, or USPS. We are a Class 1 FFL holder, and recommend insuring your firearm upon shipping to us. Ship gun in a quality hard case to provide highest level of protection. If your firearm is not already registered in your name, it will have to be picked up at our shop or mailed to a current FFL holder in your state where you will fill out the proper paperwork when it arrives.
Do you sell hand-load ammunition?
We are not able to sell custom ammo as of yet, but will work up a hand load that is specific to your custom rifle and give you a couple dummy rounds for measurements. DropTine Customs use very common powders and primers available at most sporting goods stores. If you do not hand load, do not worry, I will work in gun load data with good long range ammo available to you online or at your local sporting goods store.
Are the scopes customizable?
Depending on the scope you choose, most are available with custom yardage turrets specific to elevation and temperature. Most guns come with a Minute of Angle (moa) turret already on them, which can be used with a ballistic app on any smart phone. Whatever way you desire your system to perform, we will explain every aspect of your 'turnkey' shooting system.
Do you have any recommended equipment?
We recommended the use of a G7 rangefinder, this is a range finder and ballistic calculator in one. Just input the proper rifle stats (provided by me) and range. The G7 calculates drop and windage out to 1400 yards, with the range finder mode going to 2,000 yards.
How does the payment system work?
We require half down deposit before starting projects, and the remaining half upon completion before the gun ships. Depending on the level of build, completion times will vary. Deposits are non-refundable. Any projects that cannot be paid for after 60 days of completion will go on sale to the general public on our For Sale page.

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